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  1. 01. Whiskey River (live).mp36.20 MB
  2. 02. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (live).mp36.85 MB
  3. 03. Something To Brag About (live).mp34.98 MB
  4. 04. On The Road Again (live).mp35.61 MB
  5. 05. Old Friends (With Roger Miller) (live).mp36.98 MB
  6. 06. City Of New Orleans (With Arlo Guthrie) (live).mp312.14 MB
  7. 07. Good Hearted Woman (live).mp37.39 MB
  8. 08. You Were Always On My Mind (live).mp36.16 MB
  9. 09. Luckenbach Texas (live).mp34.72 MB
  10. 10. Whiskey River (2) (live).mp37.98 MB
  11. 11. What Was It You Wanted (live).mp314.92 MB
  12. 12. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (With Kris Kristofferson) (live).mp37.20 MB
  13. 13. Heartland (With Bob Dylan) (live).mp35.98 MB
  14. 14. Pancho And Lefty (With Bob Dylan) (live).mp310.45 MB
  15. cover.jpg406.17 KB